Dog Grooming

We offer a professional dog grooming service from our modern in-store grooming studio.   Our fully qualified groomer Caroline will ensure your pet gets the care and attention he/she deserves.


The benefits of regular grooming

Regular grooming will give your dog’s coat a tidy and healthy appearance.  But as well as helping him look his best, it can also help make your dog more comfortable, happy and healthy.

Matted hair, long nails and dirty ears can all cause discomfort for your pet.  During a grooming appointment your dog’s nails will be clipped if required and ears cleaned.  This is all in addition to having his hair cut and de-tangled (if applicable), a thorough brush through of the coat, a bath and a blow-dry.

Our groomer will also check your dog’s weight and give your pet a visual health check in order to check for parasites and any suspicious lumps and bumps.

And there are benefits for you too.  Not only will the removal of dirt and dead hair during grooming improve air circulation to your dog’s skin, it will also help keep your home (and sofa) cleaner!

What happens during a grooming appointment

at Pet Planet? 

When your dog arrives at our grooming studio he/she will be given a thorough visual health check, followed by a brush out and initial trim.  Next, your dog will be bathed and shampooed.    

Your dog’s coat will be thoroughly dried before the groomer cuts the coat to the style required.  The next step is nail trimming and ear cleaning and finally your dog will be weighed. 

We offer either morning or afternoon grooming appointments, with drop off between 9am and 9:15am or 2pm and 2:15pm.  Dogs being groomed in the morning will generally be ready for collection between 12:45pm and 1pm.  Dogs being groomed in the afternoon will generally be ready for collection between 5:30pm and 5:45pm. These times may vary depending on the breed of dog and the amount of work to be done. 

We also offer a wash and dry only service for short coated breeds such as Jack Russells, Beagles and Labradors.  

To see our full grooming services price list click here.

 Grooming is currently available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


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